WVWC Welcomes committed New Students for Fall of 2024 to complete Early Course Registration!  On April 1, we will launch the priority course registration form on this page.

This process is only for deposited/committed students.  If you haven’t submitted your Housing/Intent to Enroll Form and Deposit yet, do so at Commit to WVWC.

 We advise all students to send their deposits and housing commitments as soon as possible to secure their preferences.  

Early Course Registration will give you the first and best opportunity to build your course schedule for the fall!  This process will be conducted virtually but done the Wesleyan way—with faculty and staff advisors hand-selecting a schedule just for you based on your input, schedule, and experiences.   Here’s how it will work:

On Monday, April 1st, the Course Preregistration Form will go live on the site.  This is a simple form that lets you input your choices, major, and other information you’d like us to know.   Ahead of the form going live, the Admissions team will contact you via text and email to remind you to work on the form!  This process will only be live until Tuesday, April 16th.  Early course registration then won’t re-launch until May 15th.

Faculty and Staff will the build a schedule tailored just to you. Our experts will use the information you’ve provided to craft your schedule.  Each will give you individualized feedback, opening communication opportunities throughout the summer.

By May 1, we will ship your schedule to you! This packet will also include next steps and access to video modules and other pre-orientation information informing you about bill payment, book purchases, and much more.  You’ll have your first semester schedule in-hand and will have all of the tools to prepare you for the Wesleyan experience!

If you have any college credits, dual credits, or Advanced Placement scores, it is important you provide them. You can email unofficial or official copies to admissions@jayanathsamasundara.com.